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Why Work With Us

Nashville Realty Group® is unique, we are an “Indy Brokerage” part of a new wave of passionate real estate agents and brokers who strive for constant personal and professional development. We believe real estate is about people not transactions.

Upon becoming a member of Nashville Realty Group, agents thrive in our positive “agent- focused” culture. You’ll be given proven tools and the platform to succeed — real methods to establish and grow your business. Technology you can actually use. Additionally, you’ll enjoy the benefits of being coached and mentored by the best in the industry in a fast-paced, high energy environment.

Don’t get lost in the shuffle or left behind. Don’t be enamored by the latest “new thing”, most promise but seldom deliver. Call us today, for a confidential meeting.

Nashville Realty Group® “Where Tech Meets Talent” Be Extraordinary.

Why work with us?  Here’s Why:

EDUCATION “We are vested in your LEARNING!”  All our training is included “No Charge”

  • Real Training, Live & Weekly. We believe in constantly evolving our expertise. More than classes, we provide interactive and extremely in-depth workshops that take a deeper dive into the industry, transactions and technology. Included!
  • Personal Coaching & Mentoring. When you need it most. Included!
  • Full-Time Coach. Motivation, education and inspiration. Included!
  • NRG University (develop habits, attitude and skills) Included!
  • Virtual Training and Meetings w/Q&A. Available from any device anywhere. Included!
  • Strategic Business Planning. Operate your business like a business. Included!
  • Advanced & Ongoing Agent Training. Included!
  • Buffini & Company Certified Coach. #1 Real Estate coaching company in the United States.


  • Cutting Edge Marketing Suite. Reach more people with our exclusive customizable marketing suite. Through our convenient and user-friendly interface, you can personalize your own marketing and branding collateral. Included!
  • Branded App (manage your business in the palm of your hand) Included!
  • #1 Ranked CRM. You’ll have access to the highest rated real estate CRM in the industry. Included!
  • Agent Portal. Nashville Realty Group’s online centralized platform with all the links you need for real estate. Included!
  • Marketing Assistance. In house/full-time. When direction matters. Included!
  • Personal Profile and Email on NashvilleRG.com. Identifies you as a Pro! Included!
  • Use of For Sale Signs. Included!
  • Your Listing Your Lead.
  • Leads Provided. Through 3rd party Internet lead provider. They make the call you nurture the client. Included!

  BUSINESS CENTER. We provide all the essentials for you to run your business. From paperclips to printing, from scheduling your showings to managing your transactions.

  • Collaborative Office Space & Meeting Rooms. Available 24/7. Included!
  • Computers & Printers. Free B/W copies monthly. Included!
  • ShowingTime Showing Service. On all listings. Included!
  • Transaction Desk. Your back office to manage your transaction. Included!
  • High Speed Internet. Included!
  • Access to on-site Fitness Centers. Included!
  • Locker Rooms w/Showers. Included!
  • Outdoor Seating Area w/WiFi. Included!
  • 2 Mile walking Path. Included!
  • Social Hub to Meet with Clients. Included!
  • Ample Parking. Included!

FULL-TIME PRINCIPAL BROKER. Support when you need it most. Whether needing help filing out a contract or navigating the complexities of real estate.

AGENT COMP PLANS. We offer 2 splits and 3 cap variables depending on your experience and production. Our plans get you to 100% commission fast and

  • No Hidden Fees / No Franchise Fees / No Tech Fees / No Annual Fees
  • 70/30 split with a $12,000 dollar cap. “Cap” is the amount paid to the office through your split. New agents & Agents with less than 24 months experience, upon hitting your cap within your anniversary year will receive 100% of their commission for the remainder of that anniversary year  and will move to the $10K cap the following year.
  • 70/30 split with a $10,000 dollar cap. (Agents with greater than 2 years and greater than 7 transactions in the last 24 months). Upon hitting your cap within your anniversary year will receive 100% of your commission for the remainder of that anniversary year.
  • 80/20 split with a $7,500 dollar cap. Agents with greater than 2 years of experience and greater than 20 transactions in the last 24 months.
  • $150 Base Broker commission. Applied to all transactions.
  • $98 a month membership fee.
  • $75 one time set-up

Commission Payment via Direct Deposit.

$100 Referral Bonus. Thanks for helping us grow.