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Nashville Realty Group® is unique, we are an “Indy Brokerage” part of a new wave of passionate real estate agents and brokers who strive for constant personal and professional development. We believe real estate is about people not transactions.

Upon becoming a member of Nashville Realty Group, agents thrive in our positive “agent- focused” culture. You’ll be given proven tools and the platform to succeed — real methods to establish and grow your business. Technology you can actually use. Additionally, you’ll enjoy the benefits of being coached and mentored by the best in the industry in a fast-paced, high energy environment.

Don’t get lost in the shuffle or left behind. Don’t be enamored by the latest “new thing”, most promise but seldom deliver. Call us today, for a confidential meeting.

Nashville Realty Group® “Where Tech Meets Talent” Be Extraordinary."

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Nashville Realty Group®Training

“We are vested in your LEARNING!” All our training is included “No Charge”

  • Training, Live & Weekly. We believe in constantly evolving our expertise. More than classes, we provide interactive and extremely in-depth workshops that take a deeper dive into the industry, transactions and technology. Included!
  • Personal Coaching & Mentoring. When you need it most. Included!
  • NRG University (develop habits, attitude and skills) Included!
  • Extensive training in Contracts. Included!
  • Virtual Training and Meetings w/Q&A. Available from any device anywhere. Included!
  • Strategic Business Planning. Operate your business like a business. Included!
  • Advanced & Ongoing Agent Training. Included!
  • Buffini & Company Certified Mentors. #1 Real Estate coaching company in the United States.
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Coaching & MentoringCoaching & Mentoring

Coaching & Mentoring

Support when you need it most. Whether needing help filing out a contract or navigating the complexities of real estate.

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Transaction ManagementMarketing

  • Cutting Edge Marketing Suite. Reach more people with our exclusive customizable marketing suite. Through our convenient and user-friendly interface, you can personalize your own marketing and branding collateral. From social media templates or property flyers to direct mail or listing presentations. You’re covered. Included!
  • Transaction Desk. Your back office to manage your transaction. Included!
  • #1 Ranked CRM (Referral Maker). You’ll have access to the highest rated real estate CRM in the industry. Included!
  • Showing Service. On all listings. Included!
  • Custom Landing Page. Tell your story with video to attract more clients. Included!
  • Agent Portal. Nashville Realty Group’s online centralized platform with all the links you need for real estate. Included!
  • Marketing Assistance. In house/full-time. When direction matters. Included!
  • Use of For Sale Signs. Included!
  • Your Listing Your Lead. Guaranteed.
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Nashville Realty Group®Business Center

We provide all the essentials for you to run your business. From paperclips to printing, from scheduling your showings to managing your transactions.

  • Broker Paid E & O Insurance. Included!
  • Free Legal Support. Included!
  • Modern Office – Full Amenities. Included!
  • Build a Team - Build a production team. Whether you're a team of 2 or a team of 20+, we’ll help you reach your growth goals.
  • Meeting Rooms. Included!
  • Computers & Printers. Free Color & B/W copies monthly. Included!
  • Freedom to negotiate your commissions with buyers and sellers
  • Direct Deposit
  • High Speed Internet. Included!
  • Outdoor Seating Area.
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RelevantPrincipal Broker

Support when you need it most. Whether needing help filing out a contract or navigating the complexities of real estate.

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Why I joined Nashville Realty Group®

Testimonial Author Photo
Becca Van Cleave

“I decided to join NRG because I knew this brokerage was professional, has the best interest of the clients at heart, and really knows their stuff! As a new realtor, it was really important to me to find a brokerage with excellent training, coaching, and very clear processes. I love that NRG has it all! Cindy and Joe really practice what they preach and I'm really excited to join a thriving team with an awesome culture.”

Testimonial Author Photo
Rebecca Ward

“I joined NRG because I love the culture Joe and Cindy have created for their agents. The training they offer is the best I've experienced at any brokerage. From my first meeting with them I could immediately tell they had a family atmosphere and a heart to support and help their agents succeed. They focus on relationships and not transactions and that aligns exactly with how I want to run my business. I'm excited to partner with NRG!”

Testimonial Author Photo
Dominique Vonsiatsky

"When I decided to get back into real estate, there was no question in my mind where I would go. Where else can you find a boutique brokerage laser-focused on education? Cindy and Joe are the absolute best in the business. You are not just another number at NRG, your success is important to both Joe and Cindy and they make sure you are equipped with all the knowledge and tools you need to be the best agent you can be in our dynamic market. I love the atmosphere at NRG; there is no place else I would want to hang my license. I am thrilled to be back!"

Testimonial Author Photo
Garrett Trainor REALTOR®

I joined NRG because I appreciate the atmosphere and focus on learning. Having worked in real estate offices with little to no interaction with the principal broker, I have come to prefer offices that offer a more intimate working environment. I stopped in with no notice one day and had a good conversation with Joe and Cindy about their office and I knew it would be a good fit for me.

Testimonial Author Photo
Amanda King REALTOR®

I knew as a new agent that education and training are the two most important things especially since this is an entirely new career change for me. While everyone has their own training and education curriculum, the training and education curriculum at Nashville Realty Group blew me away. I knew right away that I couldn’t pass up that opportunity. Joe and Cindy give you the best opportunity to be successful as an agent.

Testimonial Author Photo
Scott Heiny REALTOR®

My first interview at NRG was so eye-opening, that it left me in awe.

NRG is a real estate brokerage that is consistent, productive, and ethical.

No other brokerage that I interviewed had the warm presence, vibe, and confidence that NRG displayed. I joined the Nashville Realty Group because I believe that Joe and Cindy will help me grow in my business.

Nashville Realty Group® Agent Comp Plans

We offer 2 splits and 3 cap variables depending on your experience and production. Our plans get you to 100% commission fast and

Traditional Real Estate Brokerages
Sliding Commission Splits
50/50 - 60/40 - 70/30
High Cap
High Monthly Fee (Hidden)
Focused on Brand rather than AgentLimited to No SupportRoyalty FeesHidden Fees
  • No Hidden Fees / No Franchise Fees / No Tech Fees / No Annual Fees
  • $4,800 cap 70/30 split then 100%
    “Cap” is the amount paid to the office through your split, upon hitting you cap within your anniversary year you will receive 100% of your commission for the remainder of that anniversary year.
  • $98 a month membership fee
  • $199 Broker Base commission
  • Applied to all transactions
Flat Fee / 100% Income Brokerages
Lead with CostFocused on how much you save
instead of how much you’ll earn
Little to no real Training (automated)Fact: Producers earn less incomePoor CultureLimited SupportOngoing Transaction Fees
Custom Team Plans
We build our team plans custom, with you, to best support your growth.
To Qualify as a Team, you must have at least 2 members on your team with $1M/mo in closed volume averaged over previous 12 months.
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