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Debbie Matthews

Debbie Matthews grew up in the wonderful small town of Columbia Tennessee. After graduating from Nashville’s distinguished David Lipscomb University, Debbie was in marketing for Piedmont Airlines and USAirways. Although she loved traveling the world, she couldn’t wait to get back to what she considers the most beautiful place on earth, Middle Tennessee. Having served as a City Councilman, a Municipal Planning commissioner and a representative for the Historic districts of Columbia, TN, Debbie is well versed in Home...

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    Don Stacy

    I have 40 years of public and private business experience. I have worked for General Motors, Morton Thiokol, Cummins Engine Company, the State of Alabama and a company I founded along with a Nashville private equity group called Quality Filtration. My wife and I have lived in Tennessee for 32 years and in Franklin TN for the past 29 years. I retired from the company I founded in 2016 and began helping my wife with her real estate business. I focus primarily on the middle Tennessee counties comprising the greater Nashvi...

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      Dennis Yoder

      Dennis is a professional Real Estate Advisor with Nashville Realty Group®. With the passion for providing exceptional service to people and desire to build valuable and lasting relationships in business; he moved to the Nashville area to build an exceptional and professional Real Estate business. Dennis is a native West Tennessean. He began a career in his family’s commercial food processing business, and later owning and operating several successful Agribusinesses. The focus of his businesses has always centered ar...

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