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Adam Craft

Realtor® | Broker

I have been passionate about real estate and business since college. In 2004, I earned a Bachelor’s of Arts degree in Business Administration and a minor in Business Management. Prior to completing my degree from Middle Tennessee State University, I began working in corporate retail. Following graduation, I continued climbing the corporate ladder managing a multi-milliondollar operation.My knowledge in business and my comprehension of the real estate market will contribute to success in my endeavor as a real estate agent.I am consistently successful in my professional life due to my work ethic and determination.

I approach all matters ethically and honestly. I believe in facilitating a team approach to achieve organizational objectives and increase productivity. As a team player, I have significant experience. But, I also have the capability to perform independently with confidence. My attributes include leadership, organization, interpersonal communication, and problem resolution skills. I work well with people of any background or culture. I am known by my clients and colleaguesas a diligent worker and someone who gets the job done.

I live with my wife, Dana Craft, our son, Gavin, and German Shepherd, Irish, in Franklin, Tennessee. We are grateful for the friends and families in our lives, and we enjoy life to the fullest.




Adam Craft

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