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Stephen Horvath

I was born and raised in California’s Bay Area. After spending most of my life there I felt I had outgrown my surroundings. Looking to make a change I came across Nashville, and with some determination and planning I packed all my belongings and drove across country to where I now call home. I have since fallen more in love more with this city than I had ever thought possible.

From an early age, I knew I had a passion for motorsports, hot rods, motor cycles, and anything with an engine. I took that love and passion and turned it into a 12 year automotive career. After helping two friends find their place to call home back in California I realized that Real estate was another passion that I wanted to pursue in my next career. I took my time to find a Broker whose beliefs and morals lined up with my own. After coming across Nashville Realty Group and meeting with the brokers I realized they were exactly what I was looking for. I found that the transition to real estate from automotive has had a lot of similarities. For example, if every part of the machine does not work together, then it will fail, and real estate is no different. Your choice of agent, desired location, budget, and attention to detail, is what makes this engine fire on all cylinders. I like to think my attention to detail, my desire to listen, and my ability to think outside the box, will aid in my abilities to help you find your perfect home for your next step in life.

Nashville in the few years I have lived here has seen exponential growth, and knowing where to look to buy is key. When I am not working I am always exploring my own city. From live music, delicious food, craft beer, beautiful parks, hiking trails, and an exciting downtown scene, Nashville has it all. Growing communities such as East Nashville (where I call home), Germantown, 12 South, Green Hills, Franklin, and Brentwood all have their own special qualities and uniqueness. Regardless of your preference, there is definitely a place for you here in Nashville and I would love to help you find it.