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Myckelle P. Williams
Myckelle P. Williams
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Myckelle P. Williams is a licensed REALTOR® with Nashville Realty Group, serving Williamson County in Nashville, which includes cities of Brentwood, Franklin and CoolSprings.

Her primary goal is to provide professional, honest and responsible service to her clients in all areas ofhome purchasing, while representing her clients’ best interests throughout the process.

  • Assisting with mortgage prequalificationin order to show the properties that meet your specific needs and budget.
  • Advising you as to the real estate market, procedures, customs, conditions and contracts, and make recommendations designed to assist you through your home search.
  • Protect your financial interests by paying close attention to the legal and financial details of the listing/selling process.
  • Working diligently for your interests by ALWAYS puttingYOU, theclient’s best interests first, and negotiating for the lowest price and most favorable terms possible.
  • ALWAYS disclosing any potential conflicts of interest as soon as they arise, including any relationships with property sellers, i.e. for sale by owner advertising, facilitator agreements, or represented sellers, before entering into an exclusive agreement with any prospective client.
  • Use my best efforts to confidently negotiate the best price and terms for you while immediately presenting offers and counteroffers.
  • Referring you to other professionals, such as attorneys, home inspectors, lenders, etc.that can facilitate the smoothest transition towards homeownership.

“In the event that you find your dream residence, I will act as your Exclusive Agent by assisting you step-by-step throughout the buying process, from beginning of search to closing day!”