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Hussein Benavy

Hello. My name is Hussein Benavy. I am a current Real Estate Agent with Nashville Realty Group. I joined this business a few months ago. I would like to grow with the Nashville Realty Group by assisting people in not only finding their dream homes, but in selling their current houses. I have always enjoyed working directly with people, including through volunteering opportunities. I have previously worked as a job developer, employment case manager, and family service specialist. Within these roles, I guided people in reaching their goals and becoming self-sufficient. Among my prior employment jobs, I worked nine years with the United States Armed Forces/ Special Forces to protect this great country. I proudly made sacrifices to work overseas with the United States Forces and within the U.S.A. to keep our country safe and free. I am confident I can help our wonderful Tennessee residents in locating their dream homes and/or selling other houses in an efficient, easy manner.
((My Dedication is distinguished by the sincere effort I put into my work.))