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Dena Livingston

Dena is a great listener. She’s honed this skill while working with clients at various companies and learning what the needs were and making sure the advertising was on point and increased sales. She did this so well, several of her clients wanted to hire her. She eventually did go to work with one of her clients and stayed in the corporate world for over a decade. She recently decided to bring this experience and knowledge to real estate. Dena works hard and her attention to detail and deadlines makes her a true customer advocate. Dena knows how to market your property and will work tirelessly until it is sold. She also works with her buyers to make sure they get the home they want and deserve.

Dena graduated from the University of Kentucky and has lived in Kansas, Texas, Kentucky and now Tennessee. She loves Nashville and had decided to stay. She also brought her youngest daughter to live here as well. Dena loves music, art, crafts, wine, animals and being with friends and family.